Mary Wiltenburg

reporter, editor, teacher


Little Bill Clinton
A year in the US life of refugee 3rd-grader Bill Clinton Hadam, chronicled in real time, in print and multimedia.
The Christian Science Monitor

Bill Clinton’s 7-Year-Old Brother
Two years into his new American life, refugee Igey Muzeleya renamed himself “John.”
This American Life

Grieving a father they never met
In 2002, 9/11 widow Sue Mladenik didn’t want to share her grief with a nation.  Then she coped by becoming a mom again – and again.
The Christian Science Monitor

NeemaLost in Migration
Neema John survived genocide and rape. Can she beat the red tape to be reunited with her family?
The Christian Science Monitor

Army Surgeon Fights on Iraq’s German Front
Patching up the wounded at a military hospital in Germany has changed Col. Stephen Flaherty.
The Boston Globe Magazine

Next Mission: Urban Blight
Combat veterans work to transform a drug-infested neighborhood of Baltimore.
The Christian Science Monitor

Casualties of Conscience
Disenchanted with America’s Iraq policy, a growing number of US soldiers stationed in Germany are deserting their posts or choosing not to reenlist.
Der Spiegel

Agust�n AguayoPrisoner of Conscience, Part 1 & Part 2
US Army medic Agustín Aguayo served time rather than kill for his country.
The Christian Science Monitor

This River Runs Through Us
Scientists embark on a 10-day voyage to determine what’s threatening one of America’s most crucial waterways.
The Christian Science Monitor

Shakespeare Behind Bars, Part 1 & Part 2
Performing Titus Andronicus, Kentucky inmates reach new insights about their crimes.
The Christian Science Monitor

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